Thyme, flavor enhancer

There are herbs and condiments that should be inevitable in a kitchen, because of its versatility and its ability to enhance the flavors thyme is one of them.

This aromatic native herb from Europe, Asia and North Africa is a fundamental part of Mediterranean cuisine.

Its aromatic power, as well as its sweet and slightly earthy flavors makes it the ideal companion to aromatize and give taste to an endless variety of dishes, ranging from stews to pastas.

In addition to having a delicious aroma, the thyme is rich in essential oils, so when cooking, it’s ideal to place it at the beginning of cooking so that it gives more flavor to our food.

Thyme is an herb that resists a lot of cooking time, so you can use it in slow cooking dishes and you will see how it works wonders in them.

To top it off, it perfectly combines with onion, garlic, parsley, basil and bay leaf. So when mixing dressings and condiments, it’s an excellent choice.

And as the versatile herb that it is, you can use its fresh or dried leaves and its flowers are an excellent choice to aromatize wines, spices or even salads.

Likewise, it will be very useful in seasoning your proteins. You can use thyme to flavor red and white meats, and also to enhance the taste of vegetables.

So you know, when you want to boost the flavor of your dishes, the thyme can be your best ally to do so.

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