The sauce as a complement to your dish

The sauces not only contribute presence in the plating, it’s also a complement of flavor that allows the total harmony between all the elements.

The selection of the appropriate sauce for your preparation will depend on the type of texture you want to provide as a companion to the central element of the dish, it’s important to remember that a perfect sauce is one that enriches and enhances the flavors of the dish without obscuring the original taste of meat, vegetables or dessert.

There are 5 mother sauces from which an unattainable variety is derived, but these are the fundamental pedestal and were developed by Chef Auguste Escoffier and are: Bechamel, Spanish, Dutch, Pomodoro and Velouté.

There are two fundamental bases in every sauce and in these roots the origin of its flavor, the first is roux which is the cooking of flour in fat (butter or margarine) and can be dark or white. This preparation serves to give a thick consistency to the sauce, is the foundation of the delicious Bechamel, but you must work calmly and consistently so that the result is a creamy, smooth and shiny sauce, which has no lumps or flavor of fat or raw flour.

The second is the broths that are obtained from the reduction of a consommé without salt, of vegetable alone or vegetable plus animal protein. This leaves us with poultry, meat and fish broths. Each to accompany the corresponding protein, the long hours of reduction is responsible for the concentrated taste that is obtained from these broths.

It’s important to know how to handle these two basic elements as they are what give the definition and character to the sauces, complements are those that give the flavor to be an enhancer or companion of your dishes.

The key to the correct sauce is to recognize the complementary flavors and spices that serve to highlight but not overshadow. Red wines are ideal complements for red meats, so a dark roux sauce with a broth of beef and a touch of red wine can make the difference.

Just as well as a velouté of fish can make that the flavors of some seafood to the garlic explode in the palate. Experimenting is the constant key, to test and be armed with patience to discover what the best combinations are. So, for you, what is the perfect sauce?

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