The salt in the kitchen, what are they and what are they used for?

Salt is one of the essential condiments in the kitchen and can be a good ally to highlight flavors or even to conserve food.

It’s perhaps the oldest seasoning of all, and its importance within the kitchen is quite obvious: it gives the salty taste to food. That is why we must be careful when using it, since every good cook knows that the lack or excess of it can completely ruin a dish.

The most common presentation of this mineral (and the one we use daily) is table salt. However, there are many types of salt, whose differences range from its origin to its color.

Salt can be caused by evaporation, by mining extraction or by concentration. In addition, each type has different characteristics in terms of texture, thickness and even flavor.

Here are some of the types of salts and what you can use them for in the kitchen:

  • Table salt: This you surely know, because it’s present in all the kitchens you can imagine. This salt has a pure white color due to the chemical process to which it’s subjected to provide looseness and less moisture.
  • Refined salt: It’s very similar to table salt in terms of its color, except that it has a higher level of refinement. Its grains are much smaller, in addition contains iodine and fluorine to compensate for the minerals lost during the process of refinement.
  • Gem salt: Also known as rock salt, due to its method of extracting it from the mineral rock called halite. This type of salt has a bitter and strong taste; its grains are usually large, making it perfect for cooking in salt.
  • Sea salt: As its name indicates is obtained from the evaporation of sea water. Its characteristics vary greatly when compared to refined salts, starting with its color, which may be more grayish than white, its thickness, which, when not processed, is higher than that of common salt. In addition, because it’s not chemically treated, it’s richer in minerals than conventional salts. This salt can be used to heal meats, sausages and fish.
  • Salt Flower: Is very well known in the world of cooking. It’s a type of salt much more expensive than the previous ones, due to its method of extraction. It’s collected manually, using very handmade methods. All the treatment it receives is completely natural. Its color can go from grayish to light pink, and its taste is subtle, so it’s recommended that you use it in the last stage of the plating to highlight flavors.
  • Salt of the Himalayas: It comes from Pakistan and its main characteristics are its large grains and pink tones. It can be used as a common salt, if it’s ground for that purpose. It’s rich in minerals, so it’s considered as one of the most pure salts. You can use it to prepare delicious grilled meat dishes.

Other types of salts are flavored, which are obtained by mixing the grains of salt with various seeds to impregnate it with flavor and with which you can give a flavor spin to your dishes.

Remember that when it comes to cooking, there are always many options and when it comes to seasoning the food there are many more, dare to experiment and you could get unparalleled flavors.

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