The best tips for handling food and hygiene

Regarding food one of the most important and fundamental steps is the way they handle food and due respect to the cycle and conditions necessary for the inputs to remain in an optimal state.

The quality of the ingredients from the production to the manipulation to prepare a recipe is fundamental to obtain dishes that capture the best flavors, smells and textures.

Every cook should know that by maintaining the integrity of food ensures that food does not harm diners, so the following recommendations are within the basic rules in every kitchen.

  • Starting with the main tool in the kitchen: hands, the proper hygiene of a cook begins with his hands. Before you start cooking you should have your hands clean and then wash your hands every time you are going to change the input to handle.
  • Maintain the cold chain of each ingredient: if you buy fish that is in a dig with ice, it must be transported to the kitchen with the same conditions and temperature, thus preserving the quality of the input and avoiding changes in temperature that may affect the optimal state and even damage the food.
  • Use the proper kitchen uniform: Filipino and kitchen caps have a reason to be and this accompanied by eliminating the use of tendrils, bracelets, nail polish, etc. Is avoided to fall in physical contamination of a dish. There is nothing more unpleasant for a diner than to find some foreign object inside his plate of food.
  • Have cutting tables duly identified and separated according to the raw material, I.e. table for meats, vegetables, cooked ingredients and table for fish. In this way contamination by transfer of bacteria from a raw to a cooked food is avoided.
  • Respect the conditions for maintaining food before you start working with them: Bacteria reproduce at a faster rate in the presence of moisture and sunlight. This is why non-cold foods should be stored in clean, dry, ventilated places.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, behind being a cook is hidden the art of knowing the more specific details of each product, in this way we achieve a result of high quality.

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