The 10 Commandments of the Cooking Student

If you are studying cooking, it’s because you have already fallen under the charms of the stove and the delights of seeing the joy of others when they taste your food. But behind all this magic are rules that should be unbreakable for every cook anywhere in the world.

Every good cook knows that to make food delicious, it takes passion, a good palate, and to follow certain golden rules when it comes to cooking.

  1. Hygiene should be taken care of in the kitchen: You should handle all foods with care and on clean surfaces to avoid their contamination.
  2. Never run through the kitchen and less with the instruments in hand: Do not run! You can cause an accident or spill any of your dishes.
  3. When moving with hot pots alert the rest of the workers: It’s important that you alert the rest of the team present in the kitchen area, thus avoiding possible accidents.
  4. Respect the authority of the chef: You must remember that in the kitchen the highest authority is the chef, therefore it’s he who directs all the action, to respect his authority allows the teamwork to flow properly.
  5. Never allow the sauces, nor the food in general to burn: No one likes the food burned, so always have an eye on your preparations so they remain to the point, and do not overcook.
  6. Taste the food: Do not serve anything that you have not tasted. All your food must pass through the test of fire of your palate, so you will make sure that it has the right seasoning.
  7. Have quality utensils: When preparing the food, it will be very useful to have the appropriate utensils. This applies from the knives, to the pans that you use for cooking.
  8. Keep your uniform clean: The presence says a lot, when you are in the kitchen you must keep your uniform immaculate, prevent it from getting too dirty.
  9. Check the presentation of your dishes: The food goes through the eyes, so how you see your dishes is very important. Before serving, check that they have a good presentation, a well presented dish will always look more appetizing than a messy one.
  10. When finished cooking leave everything clean: Once the preparation is finished and all your dishes have been served, be sure to leave everything well clean. Hygiene is key when it comes to cooking.

Now you know, if you’re a cook student, make sure you do not sin and follow each of these commandments to become a great cook.

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