I graduated as a chef, and now what?

The dream of every student is to obtain the long-awaited title, but what happens once you have finished the training stage?

Once the academic is over, it’s time to continue learning and growing, but now as professionals, knowledge is something that never stops and as the years and hours pass in the kitchen are collected small secrets that can make the difference between a good dish and a dish of world excellence.

Some lucky people should not go through this transition when they finish their studies, because they take the big step to the work area when they are still studying. From a point of view this puts you melee to what is the work environment, but also could tie you to what you already perform rather than ambition beyond. Sometimes to start having a professional salary can make you forget the expectations you might have when you started studying.

If you do not have a permanent job when you graduate, it’s time to stop and contemplate the options, you can continue with the studies in a specialization or you can begin to work, one will provide you with additional academic knowledge and the other will give you the experience that is only achieved in the day and day work and pressure of a professional service.

But in both cases we must know what we want to do, in which area we would like to grow, perhaps pastries, bakery or Asian cuisine, whatever the option that is the first thing to determine when continuing with the studies or undertake the search for a job.

Of course, if you are more daring and you fully trust your ability as a cooker you could start your own business from bonbons, special services or a restaurant, Although for this apart from the trust also you will need basic knowledge of administration and perhaps a loan or an investor who is willing to buy your idea and make it a reality, this according to the size of your project.

Another option is the experience that is learned along the way. How is that? Well you can learn only by experiencing the flavors, colors and smells of different parts of the world. The classic Parisian food does not look like the rudimentary Indian food. An input can be used in many ways depending on where you place it; a shrimp will not be treated in the same way in Chile as in Japan. These are knowledge that you only get from the experience; maybe you could become a cook of the world.

The choice is always in your hands and it’s critical never to stop knocking the doors for fear of the response to receive. When you finish school you become the sole owner of your dreams, so whatever path you choose, Dare!

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