How to use the liquors in the kitchen

A touch of liquor can make the flavors of your dish stand out beautifully… or it can make it very unpleasant. Whether you use it to marinate, to prepare sauces that complement your proteins or to flame fruits, it’s important that you know what each kind of liquor is used for in the preparations.

The use of alcohol in the kitchen is very old, so it’s no accident to get it as an ingredient in recipes of the great gastronomy of the world (China, French, Italian, and English, among others). And is that for a dish to acquire a new dimension may be necessary just a touch of the right liquor.

If you want to venture out and include alcohol in your recipes, you should only consider the main ingredient of your dish, and look for a liqueur that complements it and not one that opaque it. From there, you can unleash your imagination and combine ingredients to create delicious dishes.

Wine, for example, is one of the most widely used liqueurs in the kitchen. For cooking, a wine should not necessarily be expensive, so you can afford to use it in your preparations. What you should keep in mind is its quality, because what you will want in the end is the natural taste of the wine present in your preparation and not an unpleasant acidity.

The difference between red and white wine is vital when you incorporate it into a recipe. You can use a stout red wine when you prepare a classic French stew, some succulent sauce or to marinate red meats. On the other hand, a delicate white wine is ideal for the preparation of fish and chickens, as well as the sauces that accompany them.

Another popular liquor in everyday life and in the kitchen is beer. Despite its low alcoholic content, beer is widely used in the kitchen, especially for the preparation of recipes involving water. Its soft flavor makes it ideal for marinades, batters, sauces and reductions.

The brandy is also quite used, although in very small quantities because of its distinguishable and strong flavor. It’s usually flamed. You can use it in sweet preparations like cookies, cakes, Suzette crepes, among others.

Another drink that may appear in your recipes is Cointreau, which is widely used in the preparation of sweets. It’s usually flamed, so it’s only left a light orange flavor.

These are just some of the hundreds of liquors you can use, you should always keep in mind the compatibility between the ingredients. For example, you will not want to cook a delicate fish with a stout red wine. It’s a question of daring and trying, you may end up with delicious dishes!

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