How can I open my own gastronomic endeavor?

If you study cooking, you probably think of having your own business in the future, be it a small restaurant, a catering service or a food truck where you can unleash your culinary inspiration.

Making it happen may be a bit more complex than just imagining it, but it’s not impossible.

When embarking on something of your own, you must first be clear about what you want; you cannot start your journey without having an idea of where you are headed. This is vital, for you must wisely decide where you will focus your effort.

Start your own gastronomic endeavor is like cooking your flagship dish. You must think about what you will prepare, develop the concept, get the best ingredients, then go to the kitchen and get to work.

Well, once you decide the gastronomic style that you will develop, you can elaborate your recipes. The dishes you sell will have your seal, so make sure you experience the flavors, colors, smells and textures you like, and give results as dishes that are an explosion of taste to the palate, beautiful to the eye and have something distinctive to separate them from others.

Now, when you already know what you want and where you are going, it’s time to activate the business part of every venture. You must answer: Who do you want to sell? How much does it cost to start up your business? How much will your plates cost?

Once you do, you will be able to determine how to continue, and of course will depend to a great extent on the size of your enterprise. If you start with something more modest like a catering, you could start from home with family help. If on the other hand, you want to open a small restaurant, you may need to apply for a loan and include more variables to the equation.

There are many options to initiate, at the moment the recipe-like gastronomic ventures are in fashion, which exploit the power of the social media to sell their culinary products. Why not explore that option?

Everything depends on you; just remember that when it comes to entrepreneurship – and cooking – creativity, passion and effort are fundamental.

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