Butter is the secret of great kitchens?

If the brighter and creamier sauces make you delirious and the spongiest and melting desserts on your palate are your favorites, then you should know that behind the most succulent meals there is always an inevitable ingredient: butter.

For those who are not experts in cooking we must know how to differentiate between margarine and butter, because they can present confusions and even some you can come to think that they are the same thing. There are differences that are not at all subtle, beginning with its origin, the margarine comes from vegetable oil while the butter from the milk fat beaten and kneaded until achieving the desired consistency.

And it’s precisely that 81 to 85% of fat which brings a taste, texture and brightness of first class to any dish.

One of the main characteristics of the dishes of the big kitchens is their presentation; they say “food goes through the eyes”. For this reason it is much more attractive a bright sauce that allows reflecting the light, with a thick consistency that prevents it runs through the dish without control, rather than another one that is opaque and too liquid.

French cuisine is the first where butter is a constant element in each preparation, from the beginning to the final presentation, and if for some reason in the process some butter it’s not included, then you can put a slice on the plate – not to lose the custom.

Although to seal or sauté can be a delicate fatty medium that contributes a great flavor to the preparation and more if it’s going to deglaze for a sauce, of course if the sauce lacks consistency, what better than some butter to give some to it.

But the branch of the kitchen where this ingredient is the undisputed queen is in the pastries. Creams, toppings, cookies, cakes and a myriad of recipes include it among its ingredients. You can do the test when making a cake with margarine and one with butter; we assure you that you will notice the absolute difference in taste.

For those vegetable creams with a delicate texture and a powerful flavor, you should use a touch of butter in addition to the main ingredient of the cream, so when processed, you will get a better consistency and a greater impact on the palate.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start integrating the butter into more of your recipes.

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